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I have been a trial lawyer for more than 25 years. For over 15 years, I was a defense attorney representing individuals, their employers and insurance companies in personal injury, catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving tractor trailers, automobiles and premises liability. During my time as a defense attorney I was responsible for handling many hundreds of cases, resolving them through settlement or trial. I know how the insurance companies work and how they want to resolve claims.

Most of that time was devoted to defending tractor-trailer companies and their insurance companies. I concentrated in trucking cases because it required specialized training and experience, something I obtained in my many years of defense work. Tractor trailer collisions are a more complicated and specialized area of litigation. If your attorney has not handled these cases for a significant period of time, he/she runs the risk of missing many important issues that only an expert in tractor trailer litigation can recognize.

At about the 17 year mark in my practice, something changed. A close friend of mine (who happens to be among the best trial attorneys in the country) persuaded me to switch sides (become a plaintiff’s attorney). In his eyes, my talents were best suited to help those who are injured or whose families suffered a death from the negligence of others. So, I joined his practice and became an advocate for the injured. I will never go back.

Over the next several years, I traveled across the country handling complex personal injury and wrongful death claims, assisting local attorneys who needed my expertise in complex cases. I also received additional specialized training at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. Gerry Spence’s college is comprised of the most talented trial attorneys and other professionals in the country who devote their time to instruct and refine trial attorney skills. My training there was invaluable. To this day, I continue to attend its courses to stay current on its techniques.

Since becoming a plaintiff's attorney, I assisted in collecting more than 20 million dollars for my clients. During this time, I learned from the best that “relationships” with clients is the most important component to successfully litigating a case. To create that relationship, I will meet with you, get to understand your life and discuss all issues that will enable me to best tell your story. I will spend more time with you than most.

I select my cases based on merit and focus my energy and time on matters where my clients need me the most.  I do not believe in running my practice in a high-volume, low result model.  I would not hire someone like that if I needed help.

In addition to litigating cases on my own, I am often asked to assist other attorneys or, at times, I bring in other attorneys as needed to assist me. So, in many cases, more than one experienced attorney will be focusing on your lawsuit– all with no additional costs or fees to you.

Truck Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Premises Liability

(slip/trip and fall, negligent security)

General Negligence

(people doing things which result in injury/death to others)

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